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Recent Graduate Thesis Students

  1. Gregory D. Lacy - Stability of Shale‑Derived Middle Distillate Fuels.  M.S. conferred May 1991.

  2. Shadan Shariodari - Pyrolysis Reactions of Alkyl Pyridines. M.S. conferred May 1991.

  3. Lisa Shriver‑Lake - The Effect of Tapers on an Immunoassay Instrument. M.S. conferred January 1992.

  4. Janet Hughes - The Chemical Analysis of a Stable Jet Fuel Derived from Tar Sands. M.S. conferred May 1993.

  5. Brenda Libby - Chemical Demonstrations Keyed to the Curriculum and Chemicals Permitted in the Fairfax County School System. M.S. conferred May 1994

  6. Marsha Goodell - n-Alkanes Distribution in a Green River Shale Oil. M.S. conferred May 1994.

  7. W. Williams - A Cross Reference Student and Instructor’s Guide in Two Phases.  M.S. conferred May 1996.

  8. Wei Tong - The Analysis of Metal Ions in Shale Oil and Shale Derived Finished Fuels. M.S.conferred May 1996.

  9. Oksana Pozda - Comparison of Metallic Constituents in Shale Crude Oil and Finished Fuel.  M.S. conferred May 1996.

  10. Cassi Walls  - GC/MS Analysis of Home Heating Oil. M.S. conferred May 1997.

  11. Jeffery Lieobwitz - Pesticide Analysis in Wine. M.S. conferred in May 1997.

  12. Gail Rossidivito - The Determination of Carboxylic Acids in Shale Crudes and Finished Fuels. M.S. conferred May 1997.

  13. Jennifer Chang - The Synthesis of Esters of Oxoacids. M.S. conferred May 1997.

  14. Huy Dinh - Determination of Nitrogen Compound Distribution in Three Source Fuels by GC/MS.  M.S. conferred in August 1997.

  15. Joy Bauserman - Organo-Nitrogen Compound Distribution in Diverse Fuels by GC/MS. M.S., conferred May 2001.

  16. Janet Doyle - A Multi-Component Mobile Phase for the Separation of Anions in Low Explosive Residue Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography M.S., conferred May 2001.

  17. James Wynne - Synthetic Approaches to 3-Alkyl Indoles and γ-Carbolines Ph.D. Co-Director, conferred, November 13, 2000.

  18. Janet Hughes - The Relationship Between Naturally Occurring Basic Extractable Species Found in Middle Distillate Fuel and Its Lubricity - Ph.D., Director, conferred, October 25, 2001.

  19. Khoa Nguyen - Organo-Nitrogen Compound Distribution in Diverse Fuels by GC/MS.  M.S. conferred in May, 2002.

  20. Christopher Lloyd - M.S. student, Co-Director, Novel Oxidative Methodologies Employing Ruthenium Co-Catalyst, M.S. Conferred in May, 2003.

  21. Marla Parker - Nitrogen Compound Distribution of Refined Middle Distillate Fuels, M.S. Conferred in May 2004.


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