1984 B.S.,  Jackson State University
1995 Ph.D., University of California at Davis
1994 Postdoctoral Fellow at Lucent Technologies
1996 George Mason University


Research interests --- solid-state inorganic chemistry: synthesis and characterization of new solid state materials; structural, electronic and magnetic properties


Dr. Gerald L. R. Weatherspoon

 Associate Professor & Chair

E-mail: grobert1@gmu.edu ; 703-993-1456 (office)

703-993-1055 (fax); Rm 303, Planetary Hall



Teaching: (syllabi-refer to Bb)  
  CHEM 211 
  CHEM 213/214 LAB  
  CHEM 212  
  CHEM 441
  CHEM 445--see Bb
  CHEM 641 Solid State Chemistry
  CHEM 579A/Organometallic

Susan M. Kauzlarich honored by President Obama


SMKauzlarich 2013 UCD award

2015 Teaching Excellence Award




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