Humane Studies Review

Volume 10, Number 1 Winter 1995-1996

Introducing the Humane Studies Review Online
Welcome to *HSR Online*, the latest edition of an Institute for Humane Studies publication initiated in 1982. *Humane Studies Review* has over the years kept our friends and alumni informed of scholarly debates and intellectual developments germane to the classical liberal tradition. *HSR* has published bibliographic essays, articles on current issues in the various humane disciplines, and reviews of books.

With this new electronic version of *Humane Studies Review*, we plan to provide interesting material as it becomes available, distributing *HSR Online* via e-mail to our many friends and alumni who have e-mail addresses. Included here is an "Intellectual Crosscurrents" entry, and we anticipate future entries in *HSR Online* to include essays and reviews. *HSR Online* is under the direction of Tom G. Palmer, IHS Research Fellow in Political Theory.

We hope that *HSR Online* will continue to prove valuable by suggesting research topics, cross-fertilizing disciplines, stimulating additional research, and linking the interests of students and scholars who are exploring the classical liberal tradition of individual rights, private property, and the rule of law.

In this issue...
Persons, Property, and Profits a bibliographic essay by HSR Online editor, Tom G. Palmer
and Have You Seen? Recently published work by IHS Alumni and Friends

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