Felix Morley Journalism Competition

IHS is pleased to announce the 1999 Felix Morley Journalism Competition.

In honor of the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, IHS will award cash prizes to outstanding young writers whose work demonstrates an appreciation of classical liberal principles; first prize will be $2500. Classical liberal principles include inalienable individual rights; their protection through the institutions of private property, contract, and the rule of law; voluntarism in all human relations; and the self-ordering market, free trade, free migration, and peace.

The competition is open to young writers (25 years of age or younger as of December 1, 1999) and full-time students. A distinguished panel of reporters, writers, editors, and academics will judge submissions based on writing ability, potential, and an appreciation of liberty. Submit three to five articles, editorials, opinion pieces, essays and reviews published in student newspapers or other periodicals between July 1, 1998 and December 1, 1999 for consideration.

Felix Morley was editor of the Washington Post from 1933-1940 and won a Pulitzer Prize for distinguished editorial writing. In the Post and in subsequent writing, at the height of the New Deal and post-war anti-communism, Morley emphasized private property, voluntarism, and a non-interventionist foreign policy.

The deadline for submissions will be December 1, 1999. Click here to be sent an entry form along with complete competition rules.

* See Competition Rules for further details. *View or Print the Morley Contest Application

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