Privatization and Development, ed. by Steve H. Hanke (San Francisco: ICS Press, 1987). See the discussion in the section on Economic Development.

The Private Provision of Public Services in Developing Countries, by Gabriel Roth (New York: Oxford University Press for the World Bank, 1987). See the discussion in the section on Economic Development.

When Government Goes Private: Successful Alternatives to Public Services, by Randall Fitzgerald (New York: Universe Books, 1988). A fact-filled treatment of the alternative to governmental provision of services: ranges over parks, housing, transportation, hospitals, law, water, air traffic control, and much, much more.

Prospects for Privatization, ed. by Steve Hanke (New York: Academy of Political Science, 1987). A very valuable collection of essays on privatization, including specific case studies (e.g., subways, airports, welfare, water, social security), political science and economics essays, and status reports on privatization at various levels of government.

Privatization: Tactics and Techniques, ed. by Michael A. Walker (Vancouver, B.C.: Fraser Institute, 1988). Drawing primarily on British and Canadian experience, the contributors to this volume show why and how voluntary organization can replace state action.

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