Seminars with a Special Career Focus
Liberty & Current Issues

July 22-28, 2000
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Faculty & Participants "I would like to thank you that I was able to participate in the Liberty & Current Issues seminar. The seminar was very well prepared, and the level of the lectures was high. It was very interesting for me as a student from Eastern Europe because in my country a lot of changes are going on in this time and the questions about liberty, economy, and government are very important."

-- Pavel Novak, M.A., Public and Social Policy, Charles University, Prague
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Liberty & Current Issues offers useful insights and tools of analysis for future journalists and policy analysts. The focus is on understanding the "classical liberal" or libertarian paradigm of markets, rights, tolerance, voluntary cooperation, an d peace, and investigating its potential for solving real-world policy issues. Participants can:

An intense learning experience combining theory and practice:

  • Lectures
    Four lectures a day from economists, philosophers, policy experts, and journalists

  • Discussion
    Plenty of time allowed for Q&A and small-group discussion following each presentation

  • Career Panel
    Representatives from Washington D.C. policy institutes, the media,and Capitol Hill talk about career opportunities and strategies for success

  • Interaction with Faculty
    Talk to faculty over meals, in-between sessions, and during evening social gatherings

  • Policy Applications
    Analysts present market-based approaches to current problems

  • Questions & Challenges
    A special session for faculty and participants to discuss tough challenges to the classical liberal paradigm

  • Evening Discussion Groups
    A famous feature of IHS seminars -- participants raise issues of greatest importance to them, challenge the faculty and each other, and debate the seminar's exciting ideas


  • Socializing, with refreshments, each night -- the discussion continues!
  • Free time every afternoon
  • Tuesday afternoon & evening free for recreation and sightseeing

Approximately of 50 participants from around the United States and other countries
  • College juniors and seniors, graduate students, and recent graduates
  • Interested in careers in journalism or public policy
  • Wanting to investigate rights-based, market-oriented approaches to current issues
Faculty participating throughout the week include:

  • David Beito, history, University of Alabama

  • Peter Beottke, economics and public policy, George Mason University

  • Deroy Murdock, Atlas Foundation for Economic Research; syndicated columnist

  • Lynn Scarlett, Vice President for Research, Reason Public Policy Institute
"Liberty & Current Issues was a blitzkrieg of classical liberal ideas--four years of college condensed into seven days. I am still walking around the office a little dazed. The lens of liberty is a very helpful filter though which to view the world, and the fine faculty helped me hone the prescription on my goggles. I have already applied public choice insights in my work on government health care in California. Suddenly it all makes sense."

-- Michael Lynch, Reason Magazine

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