Virginia Montecino

Course goals:

  • further develop your analytical thinking skills and writing skills. 
  • help you become more aware of and more fully develop your own approach to the writing process, including attention to revision. 
  • develop a sense of audience (to whom you are writing and for what purpose) by examining and writing about published texts written for different audiences. 
  • use writing as a way of clarifying thinking and becoming a more informed reader 
  • expand your awareness of yourself as a person and as a writer. 
  • write effective and interesting prose. Prose can be correct but boring and lose the reader's interest. Prose can also be interesting but so muddied by unclear focus, incorrect grammar, punctuation, etc., that it loses its effectiveness. 
  • stretch your boundaries - risking to try new approaches, new perspectives 
  • work cooperatively with others on group projects and becoming an adept responder to others' writing. 
  • use computers to: research information in your major via the Internet and electronic databases; read and critique online readings; conduct our primary class "business;" share writing and "talk" to each other via computer-mediated communication 
  • become familiar with the writing (hard copy and cyber copy) in your major by interviewing professionals, examining and analyzing various compositions in your field of study



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