Chemistry 315          Organic Chemistry Lab I                        Spring 2020

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REVISED 4/27/2020 (revisions are shown in red, below)

Important additional course information is found on the CHEM 315 section of BlackBoard.

Lab Text: J. R. Mohrig, D. G. Alberg, G. E. Hofmeister, P. F. Schatz, and C. N. Hammond, Laboratory Techniques in Organic Chemistry, 4th edition (2014).

Lab Manual: S. W. Slayden, R. J. Roth, and W. M. Stalick, Laboratory Manual: Organic Chemistry 315, 318 (green cover).

Lecture Text: David Klein, Organic Chemistry, 3rd edition.

Videos: Most viewing assignments can be found at
(MIT OpenCourseWare Creative Commons license).

PowerPoint files: Additional notes are posted on BlackBoard for each laboratory.

CHEM 313 lecture is a pre- or co-requisite for CHEM 315 lab. If you previously took CHEM 313, you must have earned at least a C to use it as a pre-requisite for Chem 315. If you drop or withdraw from CHEM 313, you must also drop/withdraw from CHEM 315.

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Course Schedule

Lab Date

Experiment Title

Reading/Viewing Assignment

Report Due

Lab 1

Jan 21-27

Introduction and safety; check-in; citing information for the laboratory

Lab Manual pp. 1-20

Mohrig ch. 1 (omit 1.6, 1.7)

Reports are due on the dates shown below.

Lab 2

Jan 28-Feb 3

Melting point

Lab Manual pp. 23-25

Mohrig ch. 3.1, 3.3; 14

M Pt video

Safety Quiz on Bb

Lab 3

Feb 4-10


Lab Manual pp 27-31

Mohrig ch. 15 (pp. 221-230, 234-235); ch. 9 (pp. 132, 137-138, 140-142)

Recrystallization video (0-14:38 min)

Melting Point

Lab 4

Feb 11-17

Thin layer chromatography (TLC);
Recrystallization, cont'd.

Lab Manual pp. 33-38

Mohrig pp. 127-131, 253-254; ch. 18

TLC video


Lab 5

Feb 18-24

I. Gas chromatography: alkyl acetates mixture

II. Refractive index

I. Lab Manual pp. 39-43

Mohrig ch. 20 (except 20.8 - see Manual explanation)

GC video 1; GC video 2

II. Lab Manual pp. 45-47 (except Procedure steps 1 and 2b; Fig. 1; Table 1)

Mohrig ch. 13


Lab 6

Feb 25-Mar 2

Infrared and ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy; mass spectrometry

Lab Manual pp. 49, 53-56

Mohrig ch. 21 (21.1-21.2, 21.7-21.9); ch. 25 (pp 465-470); ch. 24


Lab 7

Mar 3-7, 16

Identification of an unknown; simple distillation to determine boiling point; IR continued

Spring Break March 9-22

Lab Manual pp. 49-51 Experiment pdf

Mohrig ch. 12 (pp 173-174, 176-183); ch. 21 (21.3-21.5, 21.10-21.11)

Simple Distillation video (0-8:41 min); IR sample prep video

GC Acetates (new Report Form)
[Ref. Index not required]

See Bb for exact due date.

Lab 8

Mar 17-23Mar 24-30


Note: Lab Week is Tues.-Mon.

Spectroscopy Assignment

Identification of Unknown

See Bb for exact due date.

Lab 9

Mar 30-Apr 4

Note: Lab Week is Mon. -Sat.
All LabFlow assignments begin on Monday for all sections.


Chemistry Math, Labware Kit Review

via LabFlow

All LabFlow work will be due the following Monday.


Lab 10

Apr 6-11


Identifying Unknowns using IR

via LabFlow Chemistry Math, Labware Kit Review

Lab 11

Apr 13-18



Identification of an Unknown Alcohol


via LabFlow Identifying Unknowns using IR

Lab 12

Apr. 20-25


Extraction of Caffeine

via LabFlow Identification of an Unknown Alcohol

Lab 13

Apr. 27-May 2

Fractional Distillation

via LabFlow

Extraction of Caffeine

Lab 14

May 5 (Tues.)-May 11 (Mon.)


Final Exam - see Bb for information
  Fractional Distillation (Due by Mon., May 4)