Chemistry 315     Organic Chemistry Lab I     Spring 2019

See note below regarding schedule due to class cancellation Jan 29-30

This syllabus can be found at


Lab Text: J. R. Mohrig, D. G. Alberg, G. E. Hofmeister, P. F. Schatz, and C. N. Hammond, Laboratory Techniques in Organic Chemistry, 4th edition (2014).

Lab Manual: S. W. Slayden, R. J. Roth, and W. M. Stalick, Laboratory Manual: Organic Chemistry 315, 318 (2017).

Lecture Text: T. W. G. Solomons, C. B. Fryhle, and S. A. Snyder, Organic Chemistry, 12th edition (2016).

Videos: Most viewing assignments can be found at
(MIT OpenCourseWare Creative Commons license).

CHEM 313 lecture is a pre- or co-requisite for CHEM 315 lab. If you previously took CHEM 313, you must have earned at least a C to use it as a pre-requisite for Chem 315. If you drop or withdraw from CHEM 313, you must also drop/withdraw from CHEM 315.

Add, drop, and selective withdrawal deadlines can be found at

Policies for Chem 315 (grading, safety, notebook format, etc.) appear in the Lab Manual on pages 1-20 and on the CHEM 315 BlackBoard site.

It is the responsibility of all students to be familiar with and adhere to the GMU Honor Code.

Schedule due to Jan. 29-30 class cancellations: The experiments will not be skipped, doubled up, or rescheduled at this time. The Tues. sections and the Wed. morning section will perform the Melting Point experiment (as will all other sections according to their regular schedule).

There may be some rescheduling of lab work later in the semester. Please watch for announcements in this space and on Bb.


Experiment Title

Reading/Viewing Assignment

Jan 22-28

Introduction and safety; check-in; citing information in the laboratory

Lab Manual pp 1-20

Mohrig ch 1 (omit 1.6, 1.7)

Jan 29-Feb 5, 6(W 8 a.m.)

Melting point

Lab Manual pp 23-25

Mohrig ch 3.1, 3.3; 14

M Pt video

Feb 6 (W 1 p.m.)-13 (W 8 a.m.)


Lab Manual pp 27-31

Mohrig ch 15 (221-230, 234-235); ch 9 (pp 132, 137-138, 140-142)

Recrystallization video (0-14:38 min)

Feb 13 (W 1 p.m.)-20 (W 8 a.m.)

Thin layer chromatography

Lab Manual pp 33-38

Mohrig pp 127-131, 253-254; ch 18

TLC video

Feb 20 (W 1 p.m.)-27 (W 8 a.m.)

I. Gas chromatography: alkyl acetates mixture

GC Calculations
GC Report Form

I. Lab Manual pp 39-43

Mohrig ch 20

GC video 1; GC video 2


II. Refractive index

II. Lab Manual pp 45-47

Mohrig ch 13

Feb 26-Mar 4

Infrared spectroscopy, ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, mass spectrometry

Lab Manual pp 49, 53-56

Mohrig ch 21 (21.1-21.2, 21.7-21.9); ch 25 (pp 465-470); ch 24

Mar 5-18

Identification of an unknown; simple distillation to determine boiling point; IR continued

(Spring Break Mar 1115: no classes)

Lab Manual pp 49-51

Mohrig ch 12 (pp 173-174, 176-183); ch 21 (21.3-21.5, 21.10-21.11)

Distillation video (0-8:41 min); IR sample prep video

Mar 19-25

Simple and fractional distillation

Lab Manual pp 59-63

Mohrig ch 12 (12.4, 12.8)

Distillation video (8:41-11:22 min)

Mar 26-Apr 1

Gas chromatography: analysis of distillate

Lab Manual pp 65-66

Mohrig ch 20

Apr 2-8

Extraction of caffeine

Lab Manual pp 67-70

Mohrig ch 10 (10.1-10.5, 10.7)

Extraction video (0-11:25, 14:30-16:40 min)

Apr 9-15

Qualitative organic analysis: alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, aromatics, alkyl & aryl halides, alcohols

Lab Manual pp 75-88

Apr 16-22

Qualitative organic analysis continued


Apr 23-29

Synthesis of tert-pentyl chloride

Lab Manual pp 71-73

Mohrig ch 3.2; 10 (10.1-10.5, 10.7)

Apr 30-May 6

Final exam (Location TBD)

If you are a student with a disability and you need academic accommodations, please contact Disability Services at 993-2474, All academic accommodations must be arranged through Disability Services.