Chemistry 315     Organic Chemistry Lab I     Fall 2018

This syllabus can be found at

Lab Text: J. R. Mohrig, D. G. Alberg, G. E. Hofmeister, P. F. Schatz, and C. N. Hammond, Laboratory Techniques in Organic Chemistry, 4th edition (2014).  

Lab Manual: S. W. Slayden, R. J. Roth, and W. M. Stalick, Laboratory Manual: Organic Chemistry 315, 318 (2017).  

Lecture Text: T. W. G. Solomons, C. B. Fryhle, and S. A. Snyder, Organic Chemistry, 12th edition (2016).  

Videos: Most viewing assignments can be found at
(MIT OpenCourseWare Creative Commons license).

CHEM 313 lecture is a pre- or co-requisite for CHEM 315 lab. If you previously took CHEM 313, you must have earned at least a C to use it as a pre-requisite for Chem 315. If you drop or withdraw from CHEM 313, you must also drop/withdraw from CHEM 315.  

Add, drop, and selective withdrawal deadlines can be found at

Policies for Chem 315 (grading, safety, notebook format, etc.) appear in the Lab Manual on pages 1-20. These will be supplemented by your lab instructor.  

It is the responsibility of all students to be familiar with and adhere to the GMU Honor Code.


Experiment Title

Reading/Viewing Assignment

Aug 27-Sep 31

Introduction and safety; check-in; citing information in the laboratory

Lab Manual pp 1-20
Mohrig ch 1, 3

Sep 3

Labor Day - No classes


Sep 4-10

Melting point

Lab Manual pp 23-25

Mohrig ch 14

M Pt video

Sep 11-17


Lab Manual pp 27-31
Mohrig ch 15 (221-230, 234-235); ch 9 (pp 132, 137-138, 140-142)

Recrystallization video (0-14:33 min)

Sep 18-24

Thin layer chromatography

Lab Manual pp 33-38

Mohrig pp 127-131, 253-254; ch 18

TLC video

Sep 25-Oct 1

I. Gas chromatography: alkyl acetates solution

I. Lab Manual pp 39-43

Mohrig ch 20

GC video 1; GC video 2


II. Refractive index

II. Lab Manual pp 45-47

Mohrig ch 13

Oct 2-9

[Mon. lab meets on Tue.]

Introduction to spectroscopy: Infrared spectroscopy, ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, mass spectrometry

Spectroscopy problem set:



Lab Manual pp 49, 53-56

Mohrig ch 21 (21.1-21.2, 21.7-21.9); ch 25 (pp 465-470); ch 24

Oct 10-16

Identification of an unknown; simple distillation to determine boiling point; IR continued

Lab Manual pp 49-51

Mohrig ch 12 (pp 173-174, 176-183); ch 21 (21.3-21.5, 21.10-21.11)

Distillation video (0-8:41 min); IR sample prep video

Oct 17-23

Simple and fractional distillation

Lab Manual pp 59-63
Mohrig ch 12 (12.4, 12.8)

Distillation video (8:41-11:22 min)

Oct 24-30

Gas chromatography: analysis of distillate

Lab Manual pp 65-66
Mohrig ch 20

Oct 31-Nov 6

Extraction of caffeine

Lab Manual pp 67-70

Mohrig ch 10 (10.1, 10.3-10.5, 10.7);
ch 11 (11.1, 11.3)

Extraction video (0-11:25, 14:30-16:40 min)

Nov 7-13

Synthesis of tert-pentyl chloride

Lab Manual pp 71-73
Mohrig 3.2; ch 10 (10.1-10.5, 10.7)

Nov 14-20

Qualitative organic analysis: alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, aromatics, alkyl & aryl halides, alcohols

Lab Manual pp 75-88

Nov 21-23

Thanksgiving recess - No classes


Nov 26-30

Qualitative organic analysis, continued


Dec 3-7

Final exam

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