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This is the first semester of General Chemistry (syllabus). It is generally taught to science majors (including chemistry and biology majors) as well as those who are preparing for admission to medical school. Topics covered include atomic theories, nomenclature, dealing with stoichiometry (in a variety of environments); molecular structure and bonding;   thermochemistry; solids and gases.

Copies of the Lecture overheads in Word  format can be downloaded and printed.  They have not been proofread recently and thus may have errors, but hopefully will be found useful to you.

Computerized quizzes (handout) will be given in Rm. 2002 in Student Union Building II (SUB II). The eight quizzes should help you understand concepts better. Please be attentive to the deadlines.  Computerized examinations will have the same format.  Don't miss a deadline.  This is extremely important.

You will be allowed to use an equation sheet during the final exam; it will be supplied with the final exam and will be identical with the one posted here.  If you would like to see changes in the equation sheet, submit them in writing at least a week before the final examination.

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