Keith M. Davies received his Ph.D. from University of Wales, U.K. He was a U.S.A.E.C. Research Associate with Prof. J. H. Espenson at Iowa State University and a Science Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. A. G. Sykes at the University of Leeds in England before spending four years on the faculty of the University of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica. On returning to the United States, he worked with Prof. J. E. Earley at Georgetown University  before joining the faculty at GMU.

His current interests include the use of surfactant and phospholipid media for the study of medium effects on chemical and biochemical reactions, particularly kinetic and mechanistic studies of diazeniumdiolates (NONOates) employed as nitric oxide donor compounds in biomedical studies. He is a member of the Inorganic Division, Bioinorganic Division and Biological Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society.

Recent Research Publications